I wish to thank the efforts of many fine promoters/agencies that have provided media to be featured on Our Place Radio:

Medwyn Goodall, BSC Music GmbH, The Creative Service Company, iPluggers, Quark Records, Disques BOGHEI Records, AirPlay Direct, Sanachie, New Vision Promotion, SoundBrush Records, Galactic Playground Music , M:M Music, Riverboy Records, Cedar-n-Sage Music, Universal Music Classics, Firebrand Entertainment, Kevin Keller Promotions, Heart Dance Records, Logozar Music, KateMusic, Rimar Records, Secret Formula Records, Unbridled Media, Douglas Blue Feather Productions, RS Promotions, Imaginaurium Records, Subsequent Records, Craftedair, Shakila Enterprises, Piano Haven Promotions, Threshold Studios

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