1. OurPlaceRadio will produce one of the Facebook or YouTube options listed AND create a Podcast of that option also

2. The artist will choose their top 4 songs from the Album they wish to present.

3. The artist will provide the following:

3a. An mp3 commentary discussing each of the song titles. MP3's should be at 128k minimum.

3b. Alternative to 3a: Provide a simple VIDEO commentary (simple webcam video will do fine) and saved as an MP4 video file (30 frames per second preferred at 128k voice). This has many advantages over just the voice files of 3a.

3c. Optional: It would be welcome (Highly Recommended) if the artist could locate approx 40-50 Jpeg Images at least 1024x786 or larger in Hi-Res, that would help immensely in creating the slide show for each song title. (4 song that average 5 minutes and one pic in the slideshow every 25-30 seconds). The images can be themes - Nature, animals, people, landscapes, cityscapes, etc.

4. OurPlaceRadio will then provide our DJ commentary, present the artists commentary or video files in the same fashion as we present the normal Live Album Radio Shows. We will create a simple "slide show" that will play during each song title.

5. The show will remain "saved" on Facebook in the OurPlaceRadio page and/or in the YouTube Channel. The Podcast will be posted to OurPlaceRadio and iTunes. Royalties will be recorded manually via the licensing agent at Sonixcast

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