Our Place Radio has many possibilities for advertising on the website. The positions may be seen in the diagrams below (marked with yellow numbers).

Advertising for artists is free, with the caveat that a donation would be appreciated for what the artist may consider the worth of the service. This may be accomplished by using the donation buttons on the home page of the website. A duration from 1-6 months is normal. In the case of setting the donation to "auto pay" donations may be spread out over a longer period. With no donation the time duration is automatically 1 month. Recommendation: 50% of the ad value listed for "all other advertisers" or up to full value.

For all other advertisers, the cost scale is based on position. Position 1 is a rotator, and multiple ads may be present here. Cost: $10 U.S per month. Position 2 is in "prime space" and is a single ad. Cost: $65 U.S per month. Position 3 is smaller, but in "prime space". Cost: $45 U.S per month. Position 4 is larger and directly below the Twitter Feed. Cost: $35 U.S per month. Position 5 is similar to position 2 but outside of "prime space". Cost: $45 per month. Position 6 is much larger, but outside of "prime space". Cost $50 per month. Larger ads may be available, but MUST be driven by a Menu Tab (aptly named "Sponsors"). Cost: Negotiable. These prices are introductory, and will change in the near future.

"Comparable" sites charge approximately $75-100 U.S for the rotator (banner) ad per month, $225-300 U.S per month for the large ad in Position 2, Positions 3 and 4 customarily may run $50-75 U.S per month, and Position 5 and 6 can run the gambit from $50-100 U.S per month.

Ad sizes: Position 1 250x120, Position 2 875x300, Position 3 250x120, Position 4 240x300 up to 240x500, Position 5 875x200, Position 6 1200x200

As the site template is responsive, and is designed to "scale" itself to fit various screen sizes, all ads will scale accordingly. Therefore they should display on PC, tablets, or phones.

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