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Featured Artists: Darren Rogers, Fiona Joy, Jeffrey Koepper, Kerani, Lynn Tredeau, Rick Sparks, Catherine Marie Charlton, Charles Denler, Forrest Smithson, Merrill Collins, Tom Grant

Featured Albums: The Future Approaching, Into the Mist, MantraSequent, Stardust, Shifting Sands, Nightfall London, I Dream About This World, One Drop Became an Ocean, Journey of the Outshining Source, Ethereal Escapes, The Light Within My Dreams


Welcome to OurPlaceRadio. We strive to provide the user true "listening pleasure". OPR is on the air 24 hours and provides the best entertainment for our friends across ALL world time zones.

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Three feeds: One for New Age, World and Ambient genres. A generic feed from MTV. Finally the Our Place Radio Feed.

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Customers Feedback

Great New Age Station

Outstanding - down to earth music, relaxing and most enjoyable


One solid station

A refreshing change from the Status Quo of most internet radio.

Garrett P.


Soothing. Great music to help all your cares melt away.


Great mix

A great music mix; in a moment quiet and demur, then more rambunctious in content.



Proudly Licenced with SOCAN

Canadian Radio Via Sonixcast

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