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Featured Artists: Robin Spielberg, Peter Kater/Michael DeMaria, Anastasia, Kerani, Tom Caufield

Featured Albums: Another Time Another Place, Heart of Silence, Reminiscent, Equilibrium, Things I Heard While in the Womb


Welcome to Our Place Radio KOPR-db in Fenton, MO. We strive to provide the user true "listening pleasure". OPR is on the air 24 hours and provides the best entertainment for our friends across ALL world time zones.

Contact Info:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Three feeds: One for New Age, World and Ambient genres. A generic feed from MTV. Finally the Our Place Radio Feed.

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Artists, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With any questions regarding submissions, airplay or whatever. Thanks

Customers Feedback

Great New Age Station

Outstanding - down to earth music, relaxing and most enjoyable


One solid station

A refreshing change from the Status Quo of most internet radio.

Garrett P.


Soothing. Great music to help all your cares melt away.


Great mix

A great music mix; in a moment quiet and demur, then more rambunctious in content.


OPR - Blog

Our Place Radio
  • Artists and Promoters: Our Place Radio is finally at a point of having the flexibility to serve your advertising/promotional needs in a more professional and timely manner. I will be enacting new policies/procedures that will allow a much higher level of promotion for your music: 1 - Live DJ Show dedicated to your new album […]
  • Our Place Radio has many possibilities for advertising on the website. The positions may be seen in the diagrams below (marked with yellow numbers). Advertising for artists is free, with the caveat that a donation would be appreciated for what the artist may consider the worth of the service. This may be accomplished by using […]
  • Artists, promoters and all you good musical folk! I have an offer I wish to present to you. I wish to offer FREE ad spots for you (to be embedded in the stream). Advertise yourself, your website, or a particular album. 15 - 30 second slots is what I am looking at. What is the […]
  • Welcome. Our Place Radio was started with the intent of providing the best in New Age, World, Easy Listening and Smooth Jazz music. Our Place Radio is fully licensed and pays all music royalties to SoundExchange/BMI/SESAC/ASCAP/SOCAN via StreamLicensing. Our station supports all anti-piracy initiatives and supports not only the artists, but also the valued promoters. […]
  • I wish to thank the efforts of many fine promoters/agencies that have provided media to be featured on Our Place radio: Medwyn Goodall, BSC Music GmbH, The Creative Service Company, iPluggers, Quark Records, Disques BOGHEI Records, AirPlay Direct, Sanachie, New Vision Promotions, M:M Music, Riverboy Records, Soundbrush, Cedar-n-Sage Music, Universal Music Classics, Firebrand Entertainment, Kevin […]

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