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Canadian Radio Via Sonixcast

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Featured Artists: Stanton Lanier, Ann Licater, Dan Chadburn, Deuter, Douglas Blue Feather, Matthew Schildt, Shoshana Michel, Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer, Vicki Logan, Al Conti, Anaya Music, Ken Elkinson, Kevin Keller, Louis Colaiannia, Crystilline Dream

Featured Albums: Climb to the Sky, Beyond the Waves, Beyond Words, Immortelle, Cosmic Visions, This Little Light, Dancing On the Wind, Whispers From Silence, Sound Paintings, Mystic, Eternity, The Golden State, Intermezzo, Four Days in My Life, Alchemy

Radio Friends

Journeyscapes Radio plays ambient, chillout, downtempo, new age and world fusion music presented by Candice Michelle, who hosts weekly one-hour themed mixes & broadcasts, as well as a 24/7 streaming station


Welcome to Our Place Radio KOPR-db in Fenton, MO. We strive to provide the user true "listening pleasure". OPR is on the air 24 hours and provides the best entertainment for our friends across ALL world time zones.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Three feeds: One for New Age, World and Ambient genres. A generic feed from MTV. Finally the Our Place Radio Feed.

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Customers Feedback

Great New Age Station

Outstanding - down to earth music, relaxing and most enjoyable


One solid station

A refreshing change from the Status Quo of most internet radio.

Garrett P.


Soothing. Great music to help all your cares melt away.


Great mix

A great music mix; in a moment quiet and demur, then more rambunctious in content.



Proudly Licenced with SOCAN

Canadian Radio Via Sonixcast

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